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Now, more than ever, we are living in a society in which overt sin is becoming ever more pervasive and "normal"; the darkness can at times seem overwhelming and our children are out there in it.

The need for excellent books for young people with a Christian worldview is great. There are plenty of novels with an atheistic viewpoint and many stories which have incited interest in the occult and witchcraft, violence, materialism and worldly relationships, but what about books where the Lord is God, where faith in the Lord Jesus Christ matters, where people pray and read the Bible?

These don't have to be dry subjects! – they can be as alive, real, funny, scary and sad as any secular story, but with the enormous extra bonus of a spiritual perspective.

Our vision is to produce excellent, fun, exciting novels for young people from a biblical standpoint, to encourage and inspire them in their walk with God, and to show non-church kids what they are missing!

What's so amazing about fiction? Well... Jesus told stories!

Not fibs of course – not that kind of stories! Jesus' stories illustrated a spiritual truth. All were rooted in the culture of the day; farmers and seeds, bread and yeast, a Samaritan who was kind to a stranger.

People understood what Jesus was talking about because his stories made things 'come to life'.

Words are powerful, and there is so much out there to harm our children. Let's give them great books that will encourage and inspire them, and help them to make good life choices!

If you share our vision, please help!

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Thank you for standing with us.

Janet Wilson
Director, Dernier Publishing

P.S. Please do email us if you would like catalogues, further information about any of our books, or with feedback – we love to hear from you!

Contact us: PO Box 793, Orpington, BR6 1FA

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young readers